Field research and ethnology.

Erik Lusseault (
Thu, 04 Jul 1996 19:59:03 +0000

We are two French marketing researchers, Bruno Pottier
( and Erik Lusseault. We are setting up a
marketing research institute which will be specialized in studying
multimedia users (mainly web and cd roms users).We feel that until now
web users are known through statistical analysis but not through
qualitative analysis. We assume that there is a need for
companies,advertisers,... to know who are the web surfers.
Our method will be to go beyond the screen and to meet the user in his
home (environment, personal history and cultural practices). We assume
that more than Psychology or Linguistic (even if we consider those
methods as usefull) Ethnology is the best method to really get to know
what determines the consumption of Web sites and what is the relation
between the consumer and the product. It is at least the only
scientific method to understand the needs and the habits of the
multimedia consumer.
Since Internet has no borders, we plan to set up a network of
ethnologists able to meet the consumers in their countries. They€ll
work as freelance and both the analysis and the synthesis will be
completed in Paris.
Well, would you like to be part of it?