Mailinglist: Antropologi Indonesia Network

Thu, 04 Jul 1996 12:49:42 +0700

AntropNet is a mailinglist dedicated to friendly and scholarly discussion
of anything pertaining to anthropology and its study in Indonesia.
AntropNet is a forum for the announcement and discussion of
anthropological news, research, theories, publications, meetings,
exhibits, and events, and for dialogue on matters related to the
discipline itself. We welcome contributions from anthropologists,
professionals or avocationals, and from our colleagues in other fields.

1. Be sure that your posting is already converted into ASCII type.
2. Use only Bahasa Indonesia, Melayu and English.
3. Transmission of materials that the administrator feels are malicious,
un- necessarily abusive,
threatening, obscene, harassing, libellous or have a reckless
disregard for the truth (the "public
figure exemption is NOT accepted here!)
4. Don't forget to write a complete sources (bibliography) using a common
standard regulations
for your citation if you feel you have already quote something
"theoretical" for your posting.

send mail to:
with subject: Suscribe AntropNet.

Ibrahim Passa