Re: The postmodern body

Paul Renouf (
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 00:38:09 +0100

I regret you are in cuckoo land here.
Politicians only believe what they want to believe, just like most of
us. If you present them with 3 million contradictions of their beliefs,
they will simply disbelieve or ignore them.
They are not there to listen, just to promote the prejudices of their
In article <4r9be4$>, Gerold Firl
<> writes
>magine what it would mean for our political systems if each
>congressional representative had their own usenet-type discussion
>group, where the constituency could debate issues with each other and
>actually dialog with their representative. Both politician and citizen
>would gain a better understanding of the issues and the priorities, and
>a more democratic government could result from it. The technological
>difficulty of operating a democratic form of government for 300 million
>citizens will be helped enormously by the internet.

Paul Renouf
Ambleside, England