Soft Scientist-writer Needed!

Paul Recchia (
Mon, 01 Jul 1996 14:19:28 -0600

Attention, all "soft" scientists who love to write "hard" science fiction:

Hear ye, hear ye. An e-mailed based Hard SF writers workshop is currently
seeking a soft scientist (anthropologist, geologist, science historian,
psychologist, philosopher, economist, etc., multi-disciplinarian a plus)
hard science fiction writer.

If you aspire to write the kind of SF that is bold, unique, and will stand
up to weather, if you yearn to write the stuff that focuses on logical
extrapolations of science, if you love to break the old molds of the SF
craft, if you desire to make ideas that open eyes and expand minds, if you
must write the stories that make the SF community sing, if you crave to
write of science and fictional themes, if you hanker to write the stories
that make the young aspire, if you write the stories that write the

...then Carbide-Tipped Pens (CTP) is for you. We are looking for a soft
scientist-writer who wants to move hard SF forward. Surrounded by peers
(scientist-writers in other disciplines) working on other hard SF stories,
we all strive for the same goal = getting published. Therefore, in order
to pen good Hard SF, you must be in a workshop with other aspiring Hard SF

This is what we desire as well.

So, transmit a message (that, is, using the electronic communication web
that encircles the planet instead of something silly and cliche like
telepathy) and order a ticket for Starship CTP. We intend to explore the
macro- and micro- universe, and all the while help each other get

(Mind you, our ship will break no laws of physics. If it uses a
superluminal drive, it will do so in a logical manner, and in no way will
it become a ship of fantasy. It will drain vast amounts of energy and
succumb to entropy along the way.)

Order today, only one seat available.

Carbide Tipped Pens

*(2 Hard 2 BE SF)*

(the end)

For a more coherent description of CTP, send an email message to

Paul Recchia