Re: Large cities at time of contact Re: diseases and immunity

Michael Brown (
1 Jul 1996 13:05:51 GMT (Philip Deitiker) wrote:
> (Domingo Martinez-Castilla) wrote:
>>Finally, I have to agree 100 percent on the totally inappropriate use of
>>Eurasian historical categories applied to the Americas, like
>>paleolithic and, accordingly, stone-age, bronze-age, or whatever. Just
>>imagine stone-age Europeans living side-by-side with "stone-age" Aztecs
>>or Incas!
>Correct me if I'm wrong but the xohacans did use copper and the aztecs
>made glass knifes and the like.....I don't think they qualify as
>'stone age', maybe better would be copper and glass age <grin>, so its
>use in mesoamerica would be inappropriate.

What did they use the copper for? Ornaments or tools. If tools it would be
proper to call them 'copper age', but if they mainly used them for ornaments
(as did many groups in the american Southeast), then it would be proper to
call them stone age.

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