Re: diseases and immunity
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 13:12:01 -0700 wrote:
> Philip Deitiker wrote:
> > Lets see how you like this definition...
> >
> > Paleolithic (c. 1865)..... of or relating to the second period of
> > the stone age characterized by rough or chipped stone impliments
> > (Sorry, but NIH and other gov't funds don't provide for new
> > dictionaries.)
> >
> > So are you saying they didn't use chipped stone impliments?
> > Or is this definition also wrong? Not that it really matters because
> > its clear that these cultures had neither entered the metal ages yet.

After reading the other response to this post, I think that I should have first
asked, who 'they' are. I had assumed that it was a general reference to Native
Americans at the time of European contact. I see now how I could have been wrong.
Please ignore my earlier post if it is off topic. I'll try and keep quiet until I
know more about what the topic is about.