Journal: Journal of MUD Research v1n1 available

Journal of Mud Research (
1 Jul 1996 10:59:53 -0400

The June 1996 issue (Volume 1, Number 1) of the Journal of MUD Research
is now available at the JOMR web site:

The Journal of MUD Research is a refereed electronic journal
which publishes academic research that relates to MUDs or makes use of
MUD environments. Of particular interest are psychological,
anthropological, and sociological approaches. Both empirical and
theoretical work is welcome. The Journal also publishes "Comments"
(shorter pieces which propose new directions for research on MUDs) and
book reviews.

We're always looking for contributions.
For complete details, see the JOMR home page:

Alan Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief
Journal of MUD Research <>