Re: Louis Mumford

Andy Schoenhofer (
30 Jun 1996 04:50:36 GMT

Clay Fink (
wrote: : I just picked up Mumford's "The City in History".
: I'm finding it to be interesting reading and
: wondered if there are any related texts or books of
: criticism related to his writing. I've not much of
: a background in anthroplogy or archaeology and no
: idea of how his perspective relates to the views of
: others in these fields. Any discussion of this or
: references would be appreciated.

Read more of him. He's made dozens of books. I've
found him very helpful in thinking about archaeology, deciding how to
approach a site, and in interpretation as well. Also, my
understanding of my own city, and the cities I travel to, has been
enhanced greatly by my reading of him.

You could also try Jane Jacobs' book _The Death and Life of Great
American Cities_ for some of the same ideas minus the historical elements.

Yrs &c., Stephanie Meece

Stephanie Meece Toronto, CANADA
Andrew Schoenhofer