Re: Indo-European Studies

Vinay Kashyap (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 23:16:16 GMT

In article <3v90gr$> (Virendra Verma) writes:
> Before invasion, Arabs had a profound respect for Indians in matters
> of astronomy, mathematics, economics and science. During 12th
> century, Mohmd Gazni discovered that Brahmins had lost in touch
> with these technological advancements. Ignorance and dogma of
> Brahmins led to the decline of Indian society. It encouraged
> Arab invasion. Brahmins, fearful of their losing power on Indian/Hindu
> society, opted for cooperation with the Arabs. For example, when
> Mohmd Gazni was looting somnath temple, Brahmins advised the kings
> not to defend the temple as the God will automatically take care of
> the Arabs.
>-- Virendra Verma

1. Arabs never did manage to invade India.
2. Md. Ghazni was Afghan.
3. The Somnath temple was looted more than once. It is concievable that
its "protectors" began to feel fatalistic.

Someone please correct me if the following is wrong:
4. The actual multiple-time looter of Somnath and other temples was
Ghor Mohammad (also an Afghan).