Re: Strange Maths (was Re: Why not 13 months?)

Asbj|rn Bj|rnstad (
22 Jul 1995 14:20:50 GMT

In article <3upjfc$> (Whittet) writes:
> >In article <>,
> > says...
> >
> >The theory was that they used a wheel to measure the length of the sides
> >of the pyramid. It is more accurate and repeatable than using a length of
> >twine, rope, etc. For a pyramid of height 100 units, take a wheel of
> >diameter 1 unit and measure off 100 revolutions of the wheel for the
> >side. This gives you a length to height ratio of pi.
> How do you calculate the size of the wheel to use for the second course?

Why would you? Shouldn't using 99 revolutions with the same
wheel do the trick?

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