Who cares you sick Fuck

Ramble (mybutt@give.reacharound.sht)
28 Jul 1995 11:33:11 GMT

Web Walker, who cares what I wrote. Who cares if I sign Rampage
or Ramble. Who cares if the opening article on this thread was about
Austria not Australia. See the idea is to have a sort of conversation,
you know share ideas that pertain to the individual sharing them.
You are an anal retentive fool, I bet you have never gotten
laid. I bet you drive your mother's car and live at home still. That
has got to be something when you bring a date home (you with a date Hah),
"Mom Dad we would like to use your room, we need to use the big bed".
Oh I seem to ramble now don't I, well I guess your right, I take it all
back but I would hate to be you.