Re: THE USA IS A DICTATORSHIP, so what, you are a boring sod

WebWalker (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 06:18:46 GMT

Rampage <>wrote:

> If you had read the thread you would have heard about Australia, and
>some sorry fuck from Australia babbling about American Politics.
> Start at the top and work your way down. Oh wait, hmmmm
> Maybe now you will get it if I talk to your level. Now what does a
>computer mean to you little man? Well you see, that tickely stuff that
>comes through the wire, that's called electricity. Can you say
>electricity little man? .......

Now Rampage, how about if *you* did some reading and understanding?
This Franz Glasl, who posted the original mile-long incomprehensible
thing, is AUSTRIAN, not Australian. That's right, he's from AUSTRIA,
aka OESTERREICH, that little country in the Alps where Vienna is the

How about getting things right, eh?

Don't blame the Ozzies for what Franzl (i e the diminutive form for
Franz in Austria) spews onto the 'Net. I mean there's plenty of other
things to blame them for, no doubt, but NOT this.

These posts don't make you look good, dude, so I guess you'll have to
get a new alias, Ramble perhaps?


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