Re: Indo-European Studies

Virendra Verma (
27 JUL 95 17:05:35

>On 25 Jul 1995, Gerold Firl wrote:
>> > Brahmins invited Arabs to encourage invasion of India because they
>> > were fearful of the Arabs; for example, they did not know how to
>> > fool these people with false propaganda.
>> The brahmins invited the moguls to invade india because they were afraid of
>> them? I don't understand.

It is not that complex to understand. There are two ways an insecure
group of people can secure safety (i.e., hold on to power in
a society): first, teaching ignorance/dogma if it works and second,
if the controlling power is smarter to be fooled be a good guy
and cooperate.

Before invasion, Arabs had a profound respect for Indians in matters
of astronomy, mathematics, economics and science. During 12th
century, Mohmd Gazni discovered that Brahmins had lost in touch
with these technological advancements. Ignorance and dogma of
Brahmins led to the decline of Indian society. It encouraged
Arab invasion. Brahmins, fearful of their losing power on Indian/Hindu
society, opted for cooperation with the Arabs. For example, when
Mohmd Gazni was looting somnath temple, Brahmins advised the kings
not to defend the temple as the God will automatically take care of
the Arabs.


-- Virendra Verma