you are a boring sod

gary cruse (
27 Jul 1995 20:18:41 GMT

In <3v7nd7$> Rampage <>
> If you had read the thread you would have heard about Australia,
>some sorry fuck from Australia babbling about American Politics.
> Start at the top and work your way down. Oh wait, hmmmm
> Maybe now you will get it if I talk to your level. Now what does
>computer mean to you little man? Well you see, that tickely stuff
>comes through the wire, that's called electricity. Can you say
>electricity little man? .......
Your arrogance ill befits your status
as an anon.penet coward. If you can't
post under your real name, why should
anyone care what you think?


Oh, yeah?
"We probably have three more years of prosperity ahead of us before we enter
the cyclic tailspin which has occurred in the eleventh year of each of the four
great previous periods of commercial prosperity.
November 1, 1929
---Stuart Chase, "Economist"