Re: spamming

Elliot Richmond (
27 Jul 1995 14:42:27 GMT

> Hey, Web, got a quick question for ya. What, exactlyy, does it mean
> to "spam"? I've seen the phrase several times, and have a decent
> indication from context, but I'm just curious. Thanks.
> Bill
> "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spammity Spam, wonderful Spam" - Monty Python

While you are waiting for WebWalker to answer, I will affirm what you have
surmised. Spamming is attaching a message to whatever is already there
and reposting the whole blessed thing. It took me a while to figure this
out, especially since I live in Austin, Texas, the home of an annual event
called Spamorama. You haven't lived until you have tried Spam Chip
Cookies... Well, maybe you have lived... I dunno.

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