Re: Indo-European Studies

Anshuman Pandey (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 22:50:07 -0700

On 25 Jul 1995, Gerold Firl wrote:

> One aspect of the vedas and later epics which you don't seem to recognize
> is the gradual shift in philosophy from the alien western values imported
> by the aryans *back* towards an *indigenous* indian outlook. Yoga is
> indigenous to india. That seems clear. Indus valley seals show images of a
> serpent-lord in lotus position, who appears to be a precursor to shiva;
> shiva was thus a dravidian deity, who gradually resumed his place of
> promenance, alongside the goddess, as the western warrior-gods were
> absorbed and dissolved within the pre-existing value system.

Is it now accepted that the original inhabitants of the Indus Valley
Civilization were Dravidians? What about the claims that they inhabitants
were of a Australoid stock? The Indo-Aryans possessed a deity whom they
associated with Shiva, Rudra. In essence, these two deities embodied the
same elements.

Anshuman Pandey