Re: THE USA IS A DICTATORSHIP, so what, you are a boring sod

Rampage (
27 Jul 1995 02:44:58 GMT

I will come back to your article next time I am having trouble
sleeping. Having trouble sleeping over the fact that we pay half the
taxes you pay, one third the price for petrol you pay, everything is
cheaper better and more available. The way you are letting your politics
go Australia is going to become Southern Japan anyway.
Make sure your affairs are in order before you complain about THE USA
IS A DICTATORSHIP, I say so what, look at the sorry fucking mess you are
in. God Save Australia, because people like you are wasting valuable
time complaining about something that barely concerns you anyway, while
your own home is being cut up and sold to the gooks.
The Japs send you cars by the boatload, and you send them cash by the
boatload. We turn away illegal emigrants by the boatload, all wanting to
come to live under our Dictatorship.