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26 Jul 1995 21:16:12 GMT

In article <medved.806788896@access5> (Ted Holden) writes:
>The only two assumptions which help anything are 1. that the Etyptians
>had advanced machinery at an early age, for which we've no evidence, or
>2. That they did not experience gravity as we do. Believe it or not,
>there is evidence for that possibility.

Let's give you the arguments (deleted) which show how difficult the
problem is (though I'm sure someone will shoot those down). Now assume
that the Egyptians were as intelligent on average as we are today, and
with the same range of intelligence. Now let me ask you: If you put the
following people together and let them contemplate uninterrupted for 30
years, would the problem be insoluble?
Stephen Hawking
David Baltimore
Albert Einstein
Robert Oppenheimer
Richard Feynman
Murray Gel-Man
Jim Watson
Francis Crick

Or if you add:
Leonardo da Vinci
Thomas Edison
Ike Newton
Charley Darwin
and any of the tens of thousands of people who were far more brilliant
than any I've mentioned but who happened to die of starvation, or in the
cotton fields, or of the Plague, or who were bayonetted as infants.

Moral: Just because a problem is too difficult for you, doesn't mean
it's difficult for other people.

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