Re: Strange Maths (was Re: Why not 13 months?)
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 16:38:29 GMT

In article <3v4uc9$>, (JZeh) writes:
>The angles at the base of the Great Pyramid one would expect to be 60d
>each. They are 51d51. This means that the pyramid is sort of squashed.
>You would get the same result if you took a symmetrical octahedron and
>pushed the top and bottom toward the center...the angles would shift under
>the force exerted. The earth is not a perfect sphere, it is a spheroid,
>and looks like a tangerine. The matrix lines that make up the blueprint
>for the Earth are not symmetrical, either. They may have been originally,
>but whenever the earth assumed its current shape, the corresponding grid
>lines were distorted accordingly. The 51d51 angles of the Great Pyramid
>correspond exactly to the geometric distortion of the Earth to its current
>shape. Whoever built the Great Pyramid knew the exact shape of the
>Earth's grid.

What a nonsense. The earth isn't a perfect sphere, that's true, but the
"squash factor" (relative difference between polar and equatorial radii) is
around 1/300. This would correspond to a change of angle from 60 to 59.8
degrees. That's not to mention that there is no apriori reason for the base
angle of a pyramid to be 60 degrees.they can be anything between 0 an 90 (non

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