Re: Strange Maths (was Re: Why not 13 months?)

JZeh (
26 Jul 1995 04:28:57 -0400

The angles at the base of the Great Pyramid one would expect to be 60d
each. They are 51d51. This means that the pyramid is sort of squashed.
You would get the same result if you took a symmetrical octahedron and
pushed the top and bottom toward the center...the angles would shift under
the force exerted. The earth is not a perfect sphere, it is a spheroid,
and looks like a tangerine. The matrix lines that make up the blueprint
for the Earth are not symmetrical, either. They may have been originally,
but whenever the earth assumed its current shape, the corresponding grid
lines were distorted accordingly. The 51d51 angles of the Great Pyramid
correspond exactly to the geometric distortion of the Earth to its current
shape. Whoever built the Great Pyramid knew the exact shape of the
Earth's grid.