The Brew That Is True (was: Pyramid as Mensuration Standard)

William E. VanHorne (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 12:21:49 GMT

In article <3v3gqm$> (Whittet) writes:

>Steccini proposes a "geographic cubit" of four hundred cubits = 1 stadium
>of 600 feet. The cube of the geographic foot was the artaba. From the artaba
>was derived a unit of three artabas which was the cube of the Roman cubit.
>The edge of the cube of the ordinary Egyptian cubit is the Talent.
>Thus 8 cubic royal cubits = 40 artabas.

This is CNN

...Certainly, your honor. The counsel stated that the artaba (the cube of
the foot) is the basis for the cube of the cubit unit cubed. He further
stated that since the side of the the cube of a cubit (cubed) is the
talent that the royal cubit is 40 artabas (cube of the foot).

Objection! The claim being made here is that the artaba-foot-cube is
the cube of the royal talent, not that the talent is a cubic cubit!

Your honor, prosecution has consistantly denied our access to talent
and yet claims that the cubic foot-cube cubit is 40 artabas to the side
cubed of a cubic stadium squared. Not only ...

Objection! Cubic stadia squared is simply defense's underhanded attempt
to inject cubic artabas (cubed) into a discussion of cubic royal cubed

*sigh* We have been *more* than square with ...

Well, while the counsels argue this point before Judge Ito, we'll take
a break.

---Bill "Does your dog get enough cheese?" VanHorne