Sean E Duffy (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 18:43:36 -0700

Hey, the US may be a capitalistic duopoly mostly controlled by business
interests with a portion of the populace addicted to government and
another portion committed with fucking with other peoples lives but it
sure as hell is no dictatorship. If it was, I would not be able to bitch
as much as I do. Every once in a while when my britches get too big, I
think about what my grandfathers endured so we wouldn't be saluting a
nazi or kowtowing to an emperor. Sure this nation has problems but the
land and people are what makes her great. While I abhore war, if I was
back in the 40's I certainly would have had no problem grabbing a gun and
fighting for our citizen's rights, including G.Gorden Liddy and Diane
Sean Duffy, movement of one