Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Mike (
20 Jul 1995 08:59:14 -0400

One thing about these hysterical theories regarding the Great Pyramid
have always left me wondering, why just the Pyramid of Cheops? There are
three pyramids at Giza and scores more within a short drive to the
south. Why is this one pyramid so special? Because its the biggest?

What about the step pyramids in Mesopotamia? Or Mesoamerica? Are all
these mystical as well?

Stonehenge has volumes of absurdity written about it but Avebury and
Carnac and the other megalithic circles are normally only discussed by
serious archeologists.

It's interesting that only well known sites attract geomancers, astral
projectionists, new age witches, and other visitors from fantasy land.