Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Jim Carr (
19 Jul 1995 18:50:54 -0400

In article <3uh0r5$> (HarryR6047) writes:
>But someone builds this monument in the middle of the desert.

They built it in the middle of a graveyard. That might be a clue.

> And we
>really can't figure out how they did it. (Remember a group of Japanese
>engineers tried to duplicate the feat in scale a number of years back and

Speak for yourself. It is possible they were better at using the tools
they had at hand than we are at reinventing those tools. What I recall
is that some people have been able to duplicate the construction methods
by paying attention to the information left by the ancient egyptians.
They even went so far as to document it on "This Old Pyramid" for Nova.

>And Stonehenge, the Pyramid, Sphinx, Calendar Stone, all of these things
>were left to communicate certain knowledge.

They were built for particular purposes, some of which are easy to guess.
They are still here because they were durable enough to survive when the
civilization collapsed.

If you want to have some fun, apply the same reasoning to the size and
orientation of city blocks in Manhattan. Or why that Calder statue is
in front of Chicago's city hall. Or the angles used for the Vietnam
Vets monument.

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