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23 Jul 1995 23:23:34 GMT

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>i am a student and computer lab assistant at john tyler community
>college in chester,va. and i have a big problem. my class in
>telecommunications has an assignment from hell. i ask for any help

>compare, contrast, and make a recommendation between two lan software
>packages: novell netware and windows nt.

>you will have to go to a "computer shop" to have both packages demon-
>strated, and i expect you will include some "propaganda" from both
>novell and microsoft explaining why their products are superior.

You should take this matter up with your college's ethics committee or
report it to the Research Ethics Committee of a nearby University.
It is not ethical to perform such research using human guinea pigs (the
computer shop salespeople) without first having it examined by such a
committee. This may actually be a federal offense in the USA.

BTW, I don't think an ethics committee would allow such a research
project to be done at all.

>well there it is. any help will be appreciated.
>please e-mail to
>and the above address.

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