Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Jim Carr (
17 Jul 1995 17:11:43 -0400

I have no clue why this was cross posted to sci.physics, perhaps it was
the work of some alien visitor who knew I could add a factual reference
to what is probably an exchange that will end up in kibo's collection
soon. I have left the cross-post intact so others will see this book
title, but please remove sci.physics from followups unless a physics
topic is being discussed. Thanks.

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> (HarryR6047) wrote:
>> The response was to a question regarding "pyramid inches". The reply was
>> that the circumfrence of the great pyramid was equal in "pyramid inches"
>> to the circumfrence of the earth in "miles". ...

Equal to the uncertainty of the measurements. What the builders intended
as the base of the pyramid cannot be known, the cladding has been disturbed,
and the circumference of the earth (at the equator?) varies due to tidal
forces and has mountains and valleys that give it a non-circular shape.
I will let you folks debate the mystical significance of 10*11*12*48
or whether cm and kilometers would have been used if a different one
was the focus of such a study.

As to the orientation of the pyramid

In article <> writes:
>Not surprising if something is orientated north south that it is parallel to
>the equator.

and the book "The Ancient Engineers" explains quite clearly how this
surveying feat (and others) could be accomplished. It should not be
surprising that the smartest people a few thousand years ago could
sort out a way of solving problems they considered important. There
is no good reason to assume that high IQs only appeared recently and
that ancient people had to be dumber than the author.

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