Re: Pyramid as Mensuration Standard

Sun, 23 Jul 1995 00:40:51 GMT (John Otten) wrote:

>But I haven't heard of any buildings that were built as "standards." Can
>anyone give me any examples. (Just because I haven't heard of any such
>buildings doesn't mean I am claiming they don't exist, I just haven't heard
>of any, so don't go saying that "Just because You haven't heard of any, doesn't
>mean that none exist" :-) By the way, I am talking about standards of
>measurement here, not standard of proportion (although info on buildings built
>as standards of proportions would be interesting too).

About all I can think of is the line built into the observatory in
Greenwich (spelling is almost certainly off here, sorry). But I
didn't know about your examples either, so that doesn't mean much.

Stella Nemeth