Re: Where to study Material Culture?

Rob Shields (
Sat, 15 Jul 1995 13:37:21 GMT

In <3rqgup$> (Gordon Fitch) writes:

>If pop culture is studied in the university, is it still
>pop culture? At first, yes, of course, because, unaware,
>it can still be distinguished from some other kind of
>culture. But eventually the mirrors leak out of the towers
>and everything finds itself reflected. What then? Doesn't
>pop culture at least have to put on some quotation marks?
> }"{ Gordon Fitch }"{ }"{
So fortunately, one doesn't study popular culture IN a university but
in case histories... Very interesting that cultural studies wasn't
mentioned as a venue for intersts in 'material culture'. Depends on
whether one wants to study 'culture' critically or merely celebrate
it, I guess.

-Rob Shields
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