Re: Why 13?

DRUITJ ((no email))
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 16:30:39 GMT

Kevin Quitt wrote:
>==========Kevin D. Quitt, 7/10/95==========
>13 is unlucky because of the number of apostles as Christ's last supper.

Unfortunate typo - you make it sound like he ate them. Actually, you are
blatantly wrong about 13. The Twelve Apostles were:

Simon called Peter
Andrew his brother
James son of Zebedee
John his brother
Matthew the publican
James son of Alphaeus
Lebbaeus sirname Thaddaeus
Simon the canaanite
Judas Iscariot

If you read Mark 14:17 it says "Verily I say unto you one of you which eateth
with me shall betray me. ... It is one of the twelve that dippeth with me in
the dish."

The Bible - its not just a rumor!

>13 is the number of months in the Jewish calendar, except every now and
>then there's a leap month.

So 13 is supposed to be unlucky because Jewish people use it in a calendar?
Actually, you are misinformed here as well - read the other posts responding
to this. They document this error better than I can.

What a troll!