Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Hauke Reddmann (
19 Jul 1995 14:10:52 GMT

Kevin D. Quitt ( wrote:
: (Doug Weller) wrote:
: >English mile 1 760 yards. Roman mile 1 620 yards. Ok, close, but the kind
: >of difference that makes quite a bit if you are trying to prove this pyramid
: >thing.

: The point is that the whole numerology thing is crap. Pick any 20 random
: interegers, and you can find within their relationships any numerical
: constant you like.
: --
This statement can be even formulated in a mathematical rigorous matter.
Suppose you have some values a1,a2,...,an and want to know if there is
a multiplicative relation with integers i1,i2, so that
(a1**i1)*(a2**i1)*...=1. You can compute from the ai a sort of
probability that a relation exists.
I think this was in American MAthematican Monthly (Science? Nature?)
but can't recall the author. Sorry! Ask on sci.math.

Hauke Reddmann