Re: IQ and money, was Re: Stephen Gould proves that Africans are not black!

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19 Jul 1995 00:42:31 GMT

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>>>> Jeffrey L Baker ( wrote:
>>>> > If you are born rich, you stay rich, if you are born poor, you
>>>> > poor.
>>>> > Jeff Baker
>>>> This will be great news to Ross Perot, Michael Jackson, and Paul
>>>The real saying is: if you think poor, then you are poor, if you
think rich,
>>>then you are rich.
>>I have to say that this whole argument rich stay rich poor stay poor
>>is rediculous. Generaly yes this is true however you can break your
>>humble beginings only if you decide to work yourself to near total
>>exhaustion for a good part of your life just as the aforementioned
>>surely did.
>I know of a good many people that have"worked themselves to total
>for all of their lives, and they are STILL POOR!
> james
There is an old saying, in my experience containing a lot of fact:
"Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations," i.e., first
generation makes fortune, second generation runs through the old man's
money, third generation back at starting point.