Re: prime numbers and African artifact

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Thu, 13 Jul 95 20:59:46 GMT

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>> Whoa! There seems to be a whole lot of confusion here as to just what a
>> prime number is. Simply put, it is a number that can only (without
>> leaving a remainder) be divided by 1 and by itself. 2 is the only even
>> prime number, since all other even numbers are divisible by 2.
>> [Pebble game deleted for sanity's sake...]
>Bugger! I jumped in too soon - and now here we are with what must be the
>finest, juciest, most wonderfully satisfying catch of the contest...
>Surely there's nothing bigger left now in those waters?

Gosh, I hope not! My InformationSuperTrollingRod (tm) is already bent
almost double. I don't think it'll take much more ...

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