-->Mixed Marriages Work?<--

Mark T. Palmos (livegod@netcom.com)
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 06:07:05 GMT

Hi People,
Is it possible for "Mixed Marriages" to work?

Black-White -- Jew-Moslem -- Christian-Jew
Korean-Latino -- Bosnian-Serbian -- Japanese-Italian

What you think about "Mixed Marriages"? Should they be encouraged or discouraged?

I am collecting real information from people's own personal experience for a documentary on the subject. I want to hear from you no matter what you think about the issue. Please E-Mail me at livegod@netcom.com

If you get chosen for the documentary, you will get a couple of hundred dollars for your trouble, and of course, it will be with your permission.

WRITE NOW!!!!! Thanks, Mark T Palmos.