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>s> An authority, is one who accepts the previous bonafide authority as his
>s> authority. That is how the descending process of knowledge works. As soon
>s> as one changes the knowledge by injecting his own particular
>s> interpretation he is no longer an authority. He has to present the same
>s> knowledge as his bonafide spiritual master taught him... And as far as
>s> people accepting such an authority, they may or they may not, but the
>s> knowledge he speaks is perfect.
> ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^
>So that's what it all comes down to. I have sort of waited for
>this sentence to appear.
>First, one would have to believe in this to do all the other
>things you have told us to do, like accepting knowledge from an

If you would do it or not doesn't matter. But I think you can see the
principle involved. There are many things beyond our ability to see (for
example what's outside the universe). We can never find out by the
ascending process of science. The ONLY way we can know is if we can find
an authority...

>Now tell me: Who does this just like that? Why would/should I do
>it? If I walked up to someone and said: "I have climbed a
>mountain, got a vision, I know everything, you have to accept my
>knowledge!", do you think, they would do it? No, because their
>common sense tells them not to.

No. You are correct. No one just accepts someone and surrenders to them.
At least no intelligent person does. There are some sentimental people,
that is another thing. But the real qualified spiritual master can explain
everything very clearly. In the beginning there are so many questions and
the disciple must also test his intending spiritual master to see if he is
actually qualified, there is no shortage of false, cheating gurus... This
has made things a little difficult, but still the way to get knowledge is
to find a real guru.

>So why do some people do it? Mostly, because their parents told
>them to do so, when they were little. Why did the parents do it?
>Because they were told to. And why did they start? Well, God only

These are the sentimental people I talked about before. But intelligent,
thoughtful people also surrender to a bona fide spiritual master to get
real knowledge...

>If I believe in something - and I do -, I might believe in it,
>because I have not found bad sides. But I *have* to be open to
>the possibilty, that some things may be wrong and then stop
>believing in it, find reasons for them to be right or just think
>it all over again. But I'll have to change something!

If you find the Absolute Truth you will never have to stop believing in
it. You will be completely satisfied with it. You don't have to change...

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