Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Paul J. Gans (
17 Jul 1995 18:40:16 GMT

HarryR6047 ( wrote:

: The response was to a question regarding "pyramid inches". The reply was
: that the circumfrence of the great pyramid was equal in "pyramid inches"
: to the circumfrence of the earth in "miles". This information was gained
: from Peter Tompkin's study of the Pyramids. Other interesting facts
: include that the pyramid was established paralell to the equator. That
: the lines of longitude and latitude could be calculated from it. ETC.
: ETC.


The folks who built the pyramids used to keep their lunches
*inside* the pyramid, which is why they didn't spoil...

And did you know that the sun, when it rises, shines on the
EAST side of the pyramid. And when it sets it shines on the
WEST side?

The top of the pyramid points up.

I could give you lots more neat things about the pyramids, but
you get the idea...

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