Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

HarryR6047 (
18 Jul 1995 15:08:21 -0400

Why pyramids and calendar stones and dolmens, etc? Because man will ask
why, that's why.

Look at all of this discussion. "Everyone's entitled to his opinion." So
we stop listening to opinions.

But someone builds this monument in the middle of the desert. And we
really can't figure out how they did it. (Remember a group of Japanese
engineers tried to duplicate the feat in scale a number of years back and
couldn't.) And as we're playing around with how and why, we start
measuring things. And we slowly realize that certain cycles are showing

As someone said, any artifact will calculate into certain cycles. Because
there are certain cycles in the universe.

And Stonehenge, the Pyramid, Sphinx, Calendar Stone, all of these things
were left to communicate certain knowledge.

Write it down. Sure. The Bible has lasted 2000 years + (when you consder
the old testament) and you've got how many religions which will argue with
what the written word means.

But here's this thing sitting in the middle of the desert, and it can't be
dismissed as someone's opinion. Because it had to be either a massive
building (engineering) effort. Or someone had to know a lot more than we
do today about moving objects, etc.

That's what monuments are. Even the Washington Monument. And the dollar
bill doesn't have an eye and a pyramid on it for nothing.