Re: : ==>FREE 1yr MagazineSub sent worldwide-314

James Kirkpatrick (
19 Jul 95 08:40:17 MDT

People, Please!

Before you jump on the "followup" command to comment on this sort of thing,
please realize:

1. The people who post this sort of junk never read the newsgroups
to catch followups. Send them e-mail, but DON'T waste bandwidth
by complaining to everybody about the waste of bandwidth.

2. When this sort of junk gets posted, it gets posted to lots of
newsgroups besides the one you are reading. So does your followup.

The proper thing to do is send the poster e-mail expressing your opinion,
and send their service provider (in this case e-mail
politely complaining about their client (include a copy of the post).

Note that in some cases, these jerks will even fake their headers to
mask who posted it, and via which provider.