Re: IQ and money, was Re: Stephen Gould proves that Africans are not black!

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Mon, 10 Jul 1995 03:47:09 GMT wrote:

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>> Jeffrey L Baker ( wrote:
>> > If you are born rich, you stay rich, if you are born poor, you stay
>> > poor.
>> > Jeff Baker
>> This will be great news to Ross Perot, Michael Jackson, and Paul McCartney!
>The real saying is: if you think poor, then you are poor, if you think rich,
>then you are rich.

I have to say that this whole argument rich stay rich poor stay poor
is rediculous. Generaly yes this is true however you can break your
humble beginings only if you decide to work yourself to near total
exhaustion for a good part of your life just as the aforementioned
surely did.