Re: Pyramidiocy (was Re: Strange Maths)

Doug Weller (
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 20:36:58 GMT

In article <3ue55n$>, (Whittet) wrote:
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> >>The number of feet in a mile can be obtained from the number of days in a
> >>millenium divided by the number of miles in a degree of the earths
> >>circumference at the equator 365240/69.17424... = 5280
> It has been documented that the measurements of the Earths circumference ascribed to
> Eratosthenes were actually made by the Egyptians some millenia earlier, and I have
> posted the cites for this here several times.

Millenia? Documented? 2000 years or more?

> >The Egyptians not only knew the circumfrence of the earth but could
> >acurately predict the *exact* size of the English mile *before* there
> >was an England. Time! Space! Synchronicity!
> The English mile is closely related to the Roman. The Roman to the Greek,
> the Greek to the Egyptian. The correlation is hardly suprising, and has been
> studied in depth.

English mile 1 760 yards. Roman mile 1 620 yards. Ok, close, but the kind
of difference that makes quite a bit if you are trying to prove this pyramid


Doug Weller