Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

Volker Hetzer (
10 Jul 95 08:32:49 GMT (Madhudvisah dasa Swami) writes:
>Not "oracle". An authority. Someone who knows what's going on. It is
And how does someone become an authority? Authority doesn't mean only
knowledge but acceptance as well. How does someone convince somebody
else that the first one is an authority? How do I somebody else
convince of me beeing an authority?

>I don't know if these things are so important. But you can work it out. We
>don't need to know such things. You make so many complicated things and
>spend all your life trying to understand them... But life doesn't have to
>be so complicated... [You know, the cows, the bulls, the land, the
You should'nt make comments about how important this is for you. We
simply would reagrd any sensible answer as a proof of the existence of
your authority.
And we don't MAKE these things. They ARE.