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>Egads! I hope that you all can discern between sociobiololical and
>selectionist frameworks, as my conversations with Dave Rindos would
>lead me to believe that he draws few parallel between SB frameworks and
>his own (which I personally feel epitomize selectionism at it

I was looking forward to reading your interpretation of the difference
between sociobiology and "selectionism", but perhaps it's just as well that
you do not. I would recommend instead that you make an effort to actually
understand the meaning of these terms you toss around. As bryant mentioned
earlier, sociobiology is a subset of general evolutionary biology; in both,
natural selection plays a pivotal role. You appear to consider sociobiology
as a political phenomenon, rather than a scientific discipline; this says a
lot more about your personal approach to a career in the sciences than it
does about the science itself.

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