Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

Matthew Scott (
14 Jul 1995 12:30:12 GMT (Madhudvisah dasa Swami) writes:

>Of course scientists will talk and give their ideas but it is talk only.
>Once my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
>Prabhupada challenged the scientists, "You say life comes from chemicals,
>all right. An egg is a very simple thing. A shell, some yellow chemical
>and some white chemical so I challenge you to make an egg with your
>chemicals. You can use some type of plastic for the shell, and fill it
>with some white and yellow chemicals. Then put it into an incubator and
>hatch out a chicken..." But no scientist has been able to produce the egg.
>Because life comes from life, life doesn't come from matter... Chickens
>come from eggs and eggs come from chickens...

I just can't resist but to reply to this one. I am really beginning
to wonder how this master got the title "master" I suppose he might have been
a "spiritual master", but that is a far cry from being a master of evolution
theorie. If he really did ask such a question, then one response might be
.....Well, a computer chip is just made of chemicals right? A computer chip is
a simple thing. It's just a slice of silicon with a few impurities shaken
onto it. So why don't you go get a salt shaker and a slice of silicon and
shake some impurities into the chip so that I can enjoy a fine 200 mhz processor.
Furthermore, your master apparently failed to recognize that evolution claims
that life is made of large masses of chemicals that have billions of years to interact.
A little five year lab experiment with yellow and white chemicals will hardly fill
the measure. It lacks at least ten orders of magnitude in chemical computational
power.......You say that a computer can calculate the appearance of 3-d motion in a
virtual fractal world? O.K. turn on your five buck pocket me!
I'm not a gung ho pro "man from apes" evolutionist, but this argument
against evolution is weaker than a piece of straw. And that man was your master?
Geez swami! You can't argue against something that you don't understand. And if your
master had understood it....his argument would look better than this one. There are
good arguments against orthodox evolution, but this aint one of'em.

by the way, what is actually your def. of life? Is it just something that grows
and reproduces itsself? Try fire, crystals, parasitic feedback in an amplifier,
microphone situation, and computer viruses. Maybe there is something more to
your def. than this.