Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

Andrew Solovay (
10 Jul 1995 17:23:43 GMT

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Dewan RASHID <> wrote:
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>Madhudvisah dasa Swami <> wrote:
>>I don't think the net will help much... If everyone was on it they'd
>>mostly be posting in and downloading from
>>alt.binaries.naked.women... According to the scientists that's all there
>>is, thats the purpose of life...
>>But we could talk about Krishna instead. That may just create a
>Was it not Krishna who used to get sexual pleasure from many many
>women (Gopies) including his aunt Radha? Then how do you claim that
>talk.krishna can restrain us from useless etc.

Krishna had lots of sex. He didn't hang out on Usenet wishing he was
having sex (and downloading dirty pictures of Kali).

Point in Krishna's favor, yes?

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