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Sun, 9 Jul 1995 14:47:44 -0700

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> (James Balois Romero) writes:
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> > I'm new member to this newsgroup and I read some of your interesting
> >posting. Can anyone tell me one of the best schools for an anthropology
> >master's degree.
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I would recommend that you consider schools that only have MA programs. At
many departments with Ph.D programs, MA students play second fiddle to
Ph.D students in both attention and funding.
This will make your search a little more difficult as most rankings of
anthropology programs concern themselves with the quality of the doctoral
program (schools with only MA programs often get minimal respect, regardless
of their quality).

> Next, visit the prospective school and talk to current graduate students.
> Ask them what they like and don't like about the program. Most of them are
> quite ready to tell you inside dope about the place that you can't get
> anywhere else (especially > over a beer!).

This is a definite must before choosing a grad school. Based upon my own
experiences, I can tell you that some professors will give you false or
misleading information about their departments. Students are less likely
to due this.

> Naturally, costs and support are important considerations. You should try
> first of all, though, to get into a program that is
> dynamic and at the forefront of the field you want to study.
> If you want to do field work, will there be expeditions either from
> the school or that they can help get you into? Many people want to
> study early hominids, for example, but few get invited
> along on the field expeditions.
> Hope that this helps!