Re: Indo-European Studies

Raghu Seshadri (
6 Jul 1995 22:46:38 GMT

Gerold Firl ( wrote:

: Surely you are aware that the vedas are written in sanskrit? And that
: sanskrit is an IE language? If aryans (i.e., indo-europeans) did not
: physically move into india ("invade"), then where did the language come
: from? Where the customs? The religion? In pre-television days it was
: difficult to transmit culture over long distances without the people moving
: along with it. The vedas were written by the descendants of the barbarian
: IE invaders who entered india through the passes northwest of the indus
: valley, and who travelled from kashmir down the ganges valley. If you have
: an alternative explanation, lets hear it.

These are good questions, and while your debator is
pondering them, let me ask you this -

why is it that the authors of the veda make no mention
of this most important part of their lives, namely,
this long migration from half a world away ? Shouldn't
this have been the most significant aspect of their
history, and wouldn't their sagas give this prominence ?

There is NO mention of any area outside India in the Veda,
nor any mention of the Aryan trek thru those places !
How do YOU explain this ?