hekatologos 1601

Martin Helick (rmhelick@telerama.lm.com)
6 Jul 1995 20:33:06 -0400

1601 Is iomai duine a fagadh le saint. (Many a person is undone
by greed)

The more complex the organism, the more elaborate its needs and
desires. In order to survive, algae needs warm water and sunlight;
a bird must forage and seek out a mate and watch over its young as
they learn to fly. And man, the most complex of all, must satisfy
not only the demands of his body but the subtle and often treach-
erous demands of his intellect. The prudent take a lesson from
the lower forms and acquire only that which they can reasonably
consume. The greedy know no such restraint and gather mind-
lessly until they are corrupted by the excess and set upon by
predators, the strong bringing death and destruction, the weak
cozing flattery and guile. [Eiric, Book Sixteen]
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