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Bryant (
6 Jul 1995 12:42:31 -0600

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Mary Beth Williams <> wrote:

Bryant wrote:
>>Dr. Williams is apparently unaware that sociobiologists are working
>>within the adaptationist framework (i.e., she just contrasted
>>selectionism with selectionism, and found that selectionism looks good

Dr. Williams replied:
>Egads! I hope that you all can discern between sociobiololical and
>selectionist frameworks, as my conversations with Dave Rindos would
>lead me to believe that he draws few parallel between SB frameworks and
>his own (which I personally feel epitomize selectionism at it
>foremost...) I've forwarded on to him a few selections from this
>thread, and would ferverently argue that the views promoted in this
>thread are at odds with general *selectionist* thought, as proposed by
>Dunnell and Rindos...

Would that you would, Dr. Williams. Please do tell how adaptationism and
sociobiology are "at odds" with general selectionist evolutionary thought.

Thank you.