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>: > [Long thread full of the most utter tripe]
>: > We just take Krishna's and our spiritual master's word for it.

>: Oh. Right. Krishna says black is white... OK, I don't have a
>: problem with that. ;)

>But isn't Krishna blue? :)

Yes. Krishna is blue. You can a picture of Him at

But the idea is if we can find someone who has perfect knowledge then the
best way to get knowledge is to hear it from Him...

If you want to find someone's telephone number you could develop an
elaborate "scientific" method to do it. You could call numbers at random
on your phone and ask the people who answered where they lived. Eventually
[after a few thousand calls] you would get a rough idea of the
distribution of the telephone numbers throughout the city. Then you could
narrow down your search to the numbers around the area of your friend's
house... Then after many thousands more calls you may be able to talk to
your friend... That is the ascending process of gaining knowledge, the
scientific method. However there is a much better process, the descending
process, accepting the knowledge from an authority, from someone who
knows. You could call the operator or look in the telephone book and find
the number immediately...

Thank you. Hare Krishna!

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