Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

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> >Please Swami, enlighten us about these numbers.
> >What kind of wisdom did you use to arrive at those?
> >You even managed to put that "about" before "1/4". What's that suppose to
> >mean. Measurement errors? Quantum fluctuations?
> We just take Krishna's and our spiritual master's word for it.

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> " the brahmajyoti (spiritual sky) there are innumerable spiritual
> planets. The number of these planets is far, far greater than all of the
> planets of this material world. This material world has been approximated
> as only one quarter of the creation (ekamsena sthito jagat). ...

Haven't you considered the possibility that this is a metaphor?
That we have to INTERPRET this? (rather than taking the number "1/4" literally)
Certainly many passages from scriptures are written in a metaphorical way.

>If you have the right authority you can get
> the right knowledge immediately.
> ... But still if you can find someone who
> actually knows something he can teach it to you... It's a simple idea.

But how do you recognize the "real" ones?

> Thank you. Hare Krishna!


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