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5 Jul 1995 18:11:37 -0700

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>Dales and Kennedy are anti -AIT and beleive that the Aryans NEVER invaded

Every time you cite dales and kennedy, you repeat this note; I'm a little
puzzled by it. First, what is -AIT? And second, what justification can be
made for such a claim? The vedas and upanishads appear to very explicitly
demonstrate that aryans did invade india around, what, 1500bc? And
obviously the greeks, in the aftermath of alexanders adventure, made
another contribution of indo-european culture and blood. Are dales and
kennedy some kind of comedy team, or another example of ideologues posing
as scholars? Or has the obvious meaning of the vedic literature somehow
been misinterpreted for all these years? I find the latter highly

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